The Quincy Art Center - Beaux Arts Ball Q and A
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Quincy Art Center- Beaux Arts Ball
2014 Beaux Arts Ball Video- Quincy Art Center

What is the Beaux Arts Ball?
The Beaux Arts Ball is a Quincy tradition that helps fund the Quincy Art Center’s exhibitions and educational programs.

Who participates in the Ball?
   Any sophomore, junior, or senior girl can participate in the Beaux Arts Ball. If you have been invited, consider it an honor as we try to involve young men and women that are already active and making a difference in our community. By taking part, you are continuing a Quincy tradition!
Mia McNay is a QHS graduate and the 2011 Queen. (right) 
When is the Beaux Arts Ball?
    It is It is always held in late December around Christmas. In recent years, it has been at the Oakley Lindsay Center.
What is the History of the Ball?
The Beaux Arts Ball is a tradition that first took place in 1930. It was sponsored by the Quincy Art Club and held at the Hotel Lincoln-Douglas. In 1938, Katherine Gardner, for whom the Stevenson Gallery is named, was crowned the First Beaux Arts Ball Queen for receiving the most ticket pledges. (left)
1940 was the first year that the Queen candidates took part in selling tickets. During WWII, the ball was held but no Queen was crowned until 1950. 
The signature white dresses of the Queen Candidates are reminiscent of a debutant ball and have been a tradition since 1970. The signature red poinsettias have always been around since the very beginning and are symbolic of the holiday spirit surrounding the Ball.   Since 1930, the Ball has evolved and changed into what it is today. The people and places have changed numerous times, but the main focus of the Beaux Arts Ball has always been to support the Quincy Art Center!

What do I do at the Beaux Arts Ball?
Juniors: Juniors are encouraged to volunteer at the Art Center for 4 hours and help with the kids classes, exhibitions, or special events. The night of the ball they help with ticket sales or reserved seating. Juniors are also responsible for holding the ropes to make an aisle for all of the Queen candidates.

Sophomores: Sophomores are encouraged to volunteer at the Art Center for 2 hours and help with the kids classes, exhibitions, or special events. They help take tickets and hand out programs during the night of the ball. 

Escorts: The night of the ball, they will escort the Queens down the runway and help them up the steps. 

*Juniors and sophomores will take shifts so that they are able to enjoy the ball too!

What are more ways I can help?
The Quincy Art Center is a non-profit that has many fundraisers throughout the year. There is ArtFest, numerous Artist Dinners, Art Camp, Art Club, a booth at the Midsummer’s Faire, the Beaux Arts Ball, and many more!