2013 Beaux Arts Ball
Sunday, December 22, 2013
from 7 to 11 p.m. at the Oakley Lindsay Center

Anna Mcnay and her father Richard continue the tradition in the 83rd annual Beaux Arts Ball!

2013 Queen Candidates
Kaitlyn Marie Beth , Kristina Lynn Hartley,  Alison Nicole Hummel, Raven Paige Hurt,Kaleigh Cashman Kuhlman, Susan Marie Leimbach, Hannah Gabrielle Marcolla, Anna Marie McNay, Alexis Christine Millman, Kaitlyn Grace Neiswender, Emily Christine Pridemore, Ariel Paige Prost, Kelsey Sue Reichert, Alyssa Louise Schlepphorst, Emily Ann Terstriep Brooke Morgan Williams, and Hannah Shea Willing.

Special Thanks to: are Pepsi Refreshment Services, Sturhahn Jewelers, Gully Transportation, Advance Physical Therapy, Quincy Medical Group, Quincy Recycle, Great River Aviation LLC, Specs, Schuecking's Menswear, 8th Avenue Villager, State Street Bank, Titan Wheel International, Freiburg Insurance Agency, Kennedy Wealth Group, McDonalds, Bennett & Middendorf LTD, Tranquility Med Spa, Wellman Florist, Quincy Herald Whig, and WGEM.

2012 Beaux Arts Ball
Alyson Tappe, 2012 Queen and daughter of  Ted & Raina Tappe, celebrates with her father after the coronation. Below is the photograph of all the Queen candidates. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012
from 7 to 11 p.m. at the Oakley Lindsay Center

This Ball was dedicated to the late Connie Williams Robertson, Quincy's second Beaux Arts Ball Queen. 

Sponsors of the ball were Pepsi Refreshment Services, Sturhahn Jewelers  Gully Transportation, Specs, Advance Physical therapy, quincy Medical Group, Grimm-Schlipman Financial Group, Schuecking's Men Wear, 8th Avenue Villager, Great River Aviation LLC, State Street Bank, Freiburg Insurance Agency, Quincy Recycle, Paradise Pools, Tranquility Med Spa, Happel Inc. Realtors, McDonalds, Bennett & Middendorf, LTD, Titan Wheel International, Wellman's Florist, Quincy Herald Whig, and WGEM.

Participation is open to all young women entering
10th , 11th, and 12th grades in 2014. Please visit the Q & A page if you have any questions about the Ball! 

Feel free to call Lana at 223-5900 or email lrabe@quincyartcenter.org with any questions.