The Art Center

Strategic Plan

The Plan of the Century

The Art Center has recently adopted a new Strategic Plan! This Strategic Plan clarifies the purpose and direction for The Art Center for the next five years and will conclude June 30, 2023. The Strategic Framework of the plan includes the Mission, Vision, and Strategic Priorities of the Art Center.

Six overarching strategic priorities:

  • Adopt Best Practices for Preserving and Showcasing Art
  • Expand the diversity of participants served by The Art Center
  • Measure and evaluate the impact of The Art Center and its programs
  • Achieve Financial Stability and Growth Goals
  • Advocate for the Value of the Arts and The Art Center
  • Increase the visibility and influence of The Art Center

Through this Strategic Plan we hope to better serve our growing community.

Want to join our team?

The Art Center is looking for talented, passionate, and dedicated volunteers to help strengthen our mission. For more information on how you can help, schedule an appointment by calling the Art Center today.