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Family Dinner Project – September

Family Dinner Project – September

Upcycle Assemblage

Louise Nevelson was born in the Poltava Governorate of the Russian Empire, what is now Ukraine, on September 23, 1899, and emigrated to the United States with her family in the early 1900s. She began attending art classes at the Art Students League of New York in the early 1930s and by 1942 she had her first solo exhibit. Nevelson experimented with early conceptual art by using found objects and dabbled in painting and print making before becoming a sculpture artist. Her sculptures are almost puzzle like with multiple pieces, often wood, placed together inside a box. Many of her artworks contain multiple boxes stacked to create large wall sculptures. One key Nevelson feature is her monochromatic color palette in which she used only one color to paint the entire sculpture, many times choosing black or white. Nevelson died in 1988 at the age of 88, however, she remains one of the most influential sculpture artists and her work can be seen in museums and galleries around the world.

To begin your project, we must first gather materials.

  • Small shallow box(es). Examples: shoe boxes, food boxes with one side cut out, product boxes, and can be wood, cardboard, or other sturdy material that can hold weight and be painted. You may choose to do one or two or even more!
  • Collection of found objects. It can be anything, from parts to nature objects, metal, plastic, glass, and more. Try to find objects that fit nicely inside the box. Note: these objects will be painted and glued in place, do not choose objects that hold special value to you or others.
  • Choose your paint color. Let be like Louise and stick to one color. You can choose from a variety of paints and application processes, like brushing on acrylic paint or using a *spray paint.
  • We choose **hot glue to assist in our project because it sets quickly, however you can choose a glue or adhesive that works best for you.

Now that we have our supplies, it’s time to assemble.

  • Decide on an arrangement. It always good to plan out your idea before you start. Arrange your objects in the box to see how they will be glued into place. This will be the time when you decide to not use some objects and you may find others to add.
  • Paint your objects. Don’t forget to paint your box(es) too!
  • Once the paint is dry and you have your arrangement you can begin gluing the objects into place. If you used more than one box, you may choose to glue the boxes together, or leave them separate so you can rearrange or add more!

Last step…

  • Share! Post your projects on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #qacfamilydinnerproject for your chance to win a $10 gift certificate to use towards classes and workshops at the Art Center! There are new chances to win every month.

*SAFETY NOTE: All children under 15 should be accompanied by an adult. Be sure that you read all product directions before use and follow all safety directions listed. When use of hazardous fumes, example: spray paint, use outside or in a well-ventilated space.

**SAFETY PRO-TIP: When using hot glue, if hot glue gets onto your skin DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PULL IT OFF WHILE THE GLUE IS STILL HOT, this will only spread the glue and cause more harm. DO Run area under cool water until glue has cooled or the glue pops off. There will still be a burn, but the injury will be limited. Use burn cream if necessary. Seek medical attention when needed.