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Outreach Activities – Art in the Classroom!

Add some art in your classroom! Art Kits will be available for pick up, all you have to do is hand out the supplies to your students. Our instructor will guide your class through the project virtually on Zoom. Each lesson runs one-hour and are geared towards the age level of the participants. Cost is $4 per student/per lesson. Minimum of 16 students. Call 217-223-5900 to book! Booking is required two weeks before the lesson.

Choose one of the following four lessons:

Paper Shapes

Inspired by the artist Henri Matisse, use fun shapes, negative space, & color to create abstract compositions. No paper will be wasted! See Paper Shapes lesson plan.

Element/Principles: Shape & Balance

Art History: Henri Matisse, French, 1869–1954

Color by Expression

Create an abstract painting using tempera cake paints on watercolor paper! Learn about basic color theory! See Color by Expression lesson plan.

Element/Principles: Color, the element of art made up of three properties: hue, value, and intensity.

Art History: Pablo Picasso & Mark Rothko

Line Sculpture

Create a paper sculpture! Turn paper strips & glue into wiggles, curves and zigzags. The possibilities are endless! See Line Sculpture Lesson Plan

Art History:

Vocabulary: Sculpture, the art of making two or three-dimensional forms.

Watercolor Wonder

Express yourself through watercolor! Experiment with salt, wax, and straws to create different effects and textures using watercolor. See Watercolor Wonder lesson plan.

Elements/ Principles of Art: Color & Texture

Art History: Helen Frankenthaler, American, 1928-2011

There are no classes scheduled at this time. Please contact Elizabeth Swick, director of education & volunteers with questions: