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Outreach Activities

Enhance your event! Make & Take art activities are fun for all ages and great for events & groups! Costs are $48 for 1 hr + $24 per each additional hr for Art instructor to lead activities at your event. Material fees are in addition to instructor fees & will be based off your projected attendance. Call 217-223-5900 to book!

Outreach Activities Application

Thank you for your interest in having the Art Center at your event! Instructors provided will be professional art educators so as to provide you with a quality experience. To assure a successful event and a positive experience, complete the Outreach Activities Application in its entirety at least 10 business days prior to your event. Thank you!

Draw to Draw

Take turns drawing a shape out of a hat & then drawing it on your paper. Layer different shapes & add color to create an abstract composition! See Draw to Draw lesson plan.

Elements/ Principles of Art: Line & Shape

Art History: Joan Miro, Spanish, 1893-1983

Face Painting

Turn your patrons into works of art! Request special characters and colors to go along with your event! See Face Painting lesson plan.

Elements/Principles of Art: Space

Art History: Face painting has been dated to as far back as Pleistocene Epoch or Neanderthal Era. It is used in rituals, festivals, war, and art!

Line Sculpture

Create a paper sculpture! Turn paper strips & glue into wiggles, curves and zigzags. The possibilities are endless! See Line Sculpture Lesson Plan

Art History:

Vocabulary: Sculpture, the art of making two or three-dimensional forms.

Pottery Wheel Throwing

Your group will learn how to throw on the pottery wheel! Learn about clay, tools, and gain an appreciation of hand thrown ceramics. See Pottery Wheel lesson plan.

Element/Principles: Form & Scale

Art History: Artists have been making clay vessels for thousands of years. Pottery comes in all different sizes, shapes and colors. It can be used for many things.

Paper Shapes

Inspired by the artist Henri Matisse, use fun shapes, negative space, & color to create abstract compositions. No paper will be wasted! See Paper Shapes lesson plan.

Element/Principles: Shape & Balance

Art History: Henri Matisse, French, 1869–1954

Printmaking with Found Objects

Explore texture using ink pads and unusual objects found in nature to create interesting textural prints! See Printmaking with Found Objects lesson plan.

Elements/Principals of Art: Texture & Shape

Art History: Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Jasper Johns and Robert Rauchenberg

Watercolor Wonder

Express yourself through watercolor! Experiment with salt, wax, and straws to create different effects and textures using watercolor. See Watercolor Wonder lesson plan.

Elements/ Principles of Art: Color & Texture

Art History: Helen Frankenthaler, American, 1928-2011