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Classes & Workshops

You can be an artist! If you are 4 through 104, register for a class and develop your artistic skills at the Quincy Art Center! High School students can take adult classes and workshops.

For questions on classes or private parties, please email Kayla Obert.

Browse upcoming Spring and Summer Classes on our new class registrations site, Course Storm.

2020 Spring & Summer Classes


Happy Parent

“When class started, my daughter came home talking non-stop about what they did. She has done art classes in the past and has found her own ‘style of creativity’. I thought I knew what to expect when we went to QCT for their skit, but she surprised me. Not only was she dancing and singing, but her artwork was great. She put 100% into her pieces. This class was wonderful for her! The topic was perfect and she really came out of her shell to do the acting part and learned some wonderful things about art. She is currently looking forward to her Minecraft class!”

Shannon Slee

“A friend invited my 4-year-old son to go with her to the “Pint-Sized Picassos” class last year. Although he was shy, he went outside of his comfort zone and attended with her. After the first class it was clear that he had no regrets about that choice! Ever since then, he searches for the artistic possibilities in just about everything he sees and is constantly coming up with ideas for projects. This year, both he and my 3-year-old daughter attend this class at the Art Center together and look forward with great excitement to Fridays each week when they get to go.”

Stephanie Javaux, Instructor

“Just wanted to let everyone know about a great resource right here in Quincy. The Quincy Art Center offers classes for all ages in a variety of art areas. The classes are taught by qualified staff; most have an art degree and those who don’t have many years of experience. The class sizes are small and the art center has equipment and supplies not available at any other art teaching facility in Quincy.”


Kid’s classes range in expense from $14 for a one time workshop to $63 for a 5 week class. For summer Art Camp, our most expensive kid’s classes are $96. They meet for 4 days in a row from 1 – 4 p.m.

To apply for a scholarship, please turn in a copy of the child’s free or reduced Lunch status with their class registration form.

The scholarship covers 100% of the price of the class.

Each student is eligible for 4 scholarships a year.

The Art Center raises money for scholarships through our annual scholarship dinner and through the donations of generous individuals who have a passion for education. Please visit our donation page if you would like to make a donation.

Please contact Kayla Obert, director of education & volunteers with questions: