The Art Center

Mary S. Oakley & Lee Lindsay

November 22, 2019 – January 10, 2020

Best of Show –Bill Yates with “Walls & Fences” acrylic

Second Place- Howard Kuo with “Never Give Up!” watercolor

Third Place- Jennifer Bock-Nelson with “Emanation” oil on canvas

Merit Award- Tim O’Neal with “Warm Reflections” oil

Merit Award- Zac Meyer with “Hitchcock Woodstock” mixed media

Merit Award- Kelly Eddington with “The Sisters” watercolor

Merit Award- Amanda Strudwick with “Within Sight” oil on panel

Honorable Mention- Matthew Hemminghaus with “Capitol” inkjet photo

Honorable Mention- Steve Bohnstedt with “Billie” mixed media photography

Honorable Mention- Linda Buechting with “Sue’s Tea & Cookies” watercolor

Honorable Mention- Veronica Sandercock with “Venus Risen” paperclay

Full list of artwork on display: Katie Albsmeyer O’Neal with “First Mother & Son”, Dennis Babbitt with “Lupine Meadow Afternoon”, Ethan Beckler with “Garnet Sand Grain” and “Single Snow Crystal”, Kamira Beem with “Friday”, Brenda Benson with “Convoluted Truths”, Jennifer Bock-Nelson with ” Trove” and “Deluge”, Steve Bohnstedt with “Walter”,  Virignia Breshears with “Alone with God”,  Terry Britton with “Meditation in a Rainforest” and ” Royal Throne”, Jeffrey Bruce with “Any Other Night” and “Roles Change”, Carol Burns with “Cannon Strata”, Logan Cannady with “Ink Study 214”, “Ink Study 223”, and “Ink Study 237”, Mallory Davidsmeyer with “Depth In The Storm”, Jim Eberle with “Pinky”, Kelly Eddington with “The Man I Love”, Kent H. Kilgenbrinck with “The Excellentsee”, Kathy Hyer with “Quoth the Raven”, Mary Jo Kattelman with “Breakthrough”, Pat Kerns with “Every Flower is a Gift From Heaven” and “John”, Brandon Khoury with “Eternal Devotion”, Thomas R. Kolleck with “Tlaltechutli”, Howard Kuo with “Oasis Zone”, Cindy Logan with “Grace” and “Prayer Path-Guide Us Through Darkness”, Nicholas Loos with “Massive Amount of Steampunk”, Rachel Loyd with “Abundance”, David R. Maas with “Red Hats & No Rust”, Robert Lee Mejer with “Take PC Open Book #2”, S. Kent Miller with “Egyptian Floret”, “My Cuban Cigar Peddler”, and Puzzled Escape”, Ann Miller Titus with “The Things We Carry: Joy & Her Sister Sorrow”, Nadine Mitchell with “Tugboat and the Spider Man”, Bruce Morton with “MEN- Cattlemen” and ” MEN- Regan”, and ” Prairie Mountain”, John Nelson with “Poison Letter” and “Red Mark”,  Julie D. Nelson with “Allium”, Lydia O’Neal with “After the Storm”, Michael O’Neal with “Looking for Cory” and “Mason”, Tim O’Neal with “Diverse Remnants” and “Flow Blue”, Ruth Ann Pfaffe with “The Fall”, Alana Reed with “Honey Honey”, Waylon Rhoads with “Nouveau 2020” and “Super Sexy Swirl”, Carol Robbins with “Portrait of an Artists, In Memory of Gary” and “The Fisherman”, Jane Roskamp with “Red”, Linda Rudicil with “Don’t Mess with Mama”, Steve Ryan with “Children of the Forest #3”, “Moon Over Africa”, and “Mother’s Favorite”, Veronica Sandercock with “Future Fossils”, John Schneider with “Curvaceousness” and “Duoro Valley Autumn”, Betty Smith with “Old Hat New”, Alan Starkey with “Untitled #150” and “Untitled #156”, Connie Stephens with “Looking Through the Covered Bridge”, “Ripples in the Sand”, and “Two Aspens”, Steven Stoll with “Halocine”, Amanda Strudwick with “In the Face of…”, Kay Sutherland with “Royce, As in Rolls”, Coni Triplett with “Circus Poster” and “Hidden Treasure”, Vincent Udry with “Portrait of Hope”, Erin J. VuKovich with “Organic Vase”, Steven Walker with “Heritage”, “The Stare”, and “Sunlit Landscape”, Karl W. Warma with “Draped Nude” and “K. Johnson-Man”, Kevin Warning with “Percolated”, Roger Watson with “Calumet-Sunday” and “The Lowlands -Rows and Rows of Spring”, Bill Yates with “Stormy Day”, James Zimmeman with “Lie Box” and “Rain on the Window”


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The Oakley-Lindsay Foundation, the Oakley & Lindsay family members, the Quincy Society of Fine Arts, Hy-vee Market Grille Express, and is funded in part by the Illinois Arts Council.