Enjoy artist demonstrations and free art activities!  Paint Your Own Pottery will also be offered at ArtFest!  Click here to find out more.
Meet the Ghosts 
of the Quincy Art Center
Thursday, October 25th at 7 p.m.
 Kae Blecha, a local medium, will lead guests in a group session as we communicate with the ghosts of the Art Center.  Fine finger foods too! Find out more and sign up.

Upcoming Classes & Workshops
Saturday, September 13, Noon
For all ages. Purchase individual molded and handmade pots, paint them and we will fire them!  Prices start at $5 per pot.  A wide variety of colors available.  No reservations required!  First come first serve.  See all scheduled sessions.

You bring the party, we’ll provide a canvas art project. Each artist is charged $7 per hour. Minimum of 7 artists.  Intended for children but we’re flexible!

Live Figure Sessions 
Every Monday
6:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.
Art Exhibitions 

Julie D. Nelson Invitational 
Friday, Aug. 15- Sept.21 

Featured artists are Louise Kames, Jerry Bleem, and Ashley Nason. Between Kames illuminated trees, Bleem's sculpture made out of fiber & staples, and Nason's intriguing prints, it is going to be  fascinating show. 

Coming Soon!

Catherine Howe: Paintings
Katie Kahn: Art Between the Lines
Oct. 3 - Nov. 9, 2014